Information on the beers.

NOTE: Information on ABV may not be accurate. While I try my best, I’m an amateur. For driving purposes, always assume the actual alcohol content is higher than reported.

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  • Scott says:

    Last beer for awhile.

    Pliney The Elder clone is nearly done. No more brewing until after we move.

  • Scott says:

    Batch #39 – Shallow Grave Robust Porter – Est: Feb, 2014

    Shallow Grave

    An all-grain kit from This is a clone of Heretic Brewing’s brew of the same name. Link.

  • Scott says:

    Batch #38 – Blondes Have More Fun – Belgian Blonde Ale – Target: Feb. 2014

    The extract version of this was my first brew and it’s my wife’s favorite. The recipe came from “Hops to It!” in Boulder (are they gone?). I’ve converted it to all-grain but finding everything to match the original has proven difficult. I should try an extract version of this but I’d rather tinker with the all grain version to get it right.

    11 lbs. 2-row
    ¼ lbs. Aromatic malt
    ¼ lbs. Biscuit malt
    ¼ lbs. Honey malt

    Culster, Styrian Goldings

    White Labs Belgian

    Seeds (or grains) of paradise.

    Target ABV: 6.5%

  • Scott says:

    Batch #37 – October 2013 – Coconut Porter – Status: Gone

    This recipe was submitted to Zymurgy Magazine (Sep/Oct 2013 issue) by Ken Bazley who won the UK Nation Homebrew Competition.

    Very smooth porter. THis is my second attempt. The first time the coconut taste was just too weak (that’s what I get for hassling with real coconuts – this time I bought unsweetened flakes).

    Abv: 5.8%

  • Scott says:

    Batch #1 – June 10, 2009 – “Blondes have more fun”

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